Pauline Centenary Celebration

The Pauline Family gathered at St Martha's Church, Strathfield NSW on Saturday, the 23rd of August 2014, for the Centennial Foundation Anniversary. The Papal Nuncio to Australia, Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher DD, was the main celebrant of the occasiodiocesan priests of Sydney and Parramatta. n together with the parish priest, Fr Chris Slattery, Filipino chaplains, other religious and other diocesan priests from Sydney and Parammatta.

Those who attended the Eucharistic celebration are Pauline collaborators, benefactors and friends from various nationalities representative of the mixture in the Australian society today. An agape followed after the holy mass; and food multiplied as the guests came in the spirit of fraternal sharing. A video presentation showcased the Pauline Family as the whole, and the history of the Society of the Paul in Australia within the 60 plus years in "the land down-under." To date, the Society of St Paul, the Daughters of St Paul, the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master, and the Sisters of Jesus Good Shepherd “Pastorelle” and some Cooperators are present in Australia.  by Fr Ruben Areno  SSP


Fr James Alberione, the founder of the Pauline family, knew that as modern day apostles his young religious family would need to be well nourished spiritually and if they were to undertake their challenging mission. Listening deeply to the inspiration entrusted to him by the Holy Spirit, he saw that living and proclaiming Jesus was the sole reason to the Pauline Family’s existence and its fundamental purpose. Fr James invited his followers to be deeply rooted in a devotion to Jesus Master, Way, Truth and Life, and Good Shepherd. He also invited them to take example for their own lives from Mary, Queen of apostles – The first follower and apostle of her son, and from the great apostles Peter and Paul, who committed their very lives to proclaiming the Gospel and nurturing the life of the church.

This remarkable man was born in Italy on the 4th of April, 1884, and was ordained a priest for the diocese of Alba in 1907. At the turn of the century, as a young seminarian, he had had a powerful experience of Jesus and felt compelled to do something for the people of the new century. Over time he would propose to the church not one but five new congregations, as well as four institutes of consecrated secular life, and a union of lay co-operators. All would win the church’s approval. Shortly after ordination, Fr James was put in charge of the local church newspaper, and quickly saw the potential of the printed word to communicate the gospel to people. In 1914, he founded the society of St Paul, a congregation of priests and brothers, in 1915, the daughters of St Paul, a congregation of sisters, to use the printed word, and later radio, television and films to promote the Gospel. Later in 1924, he formed a new congregation, the sister disciples of the divine master, to be the spiritual support of his developing religious family, through an apostle of Eucharistic prayer, and service to the priesthood and liturgy.

Fr James was prophetic in recognising the immense contribution the media could make to the proclamation of the good news. He also had a great appreciation of the complimentarity of men and women in mission and, in 1938, founded the Sisters of Jesus Good Shepherd “Pastorelle Sisters” to collaborate with priests in parish ministry.

1960 saw the foundation of the Sisters of the Queen of Apostles “Apostoline Sisters”, to provide vocational guidance for young people. In the same year, the institutes of lay consecrated life began: the institute of Jesus the Priest (for diocesan clergy); the institute of Our Lady of the Annunciation (for lay consecrated women), the Institute of St Gabriel the Archangel (for lay consecrated men), and the institute of the Holy Family (for families). Completing his religious family, which came to be known as the Pauline Family, was the Union of Pauline co-operators, who assist in the Pauline mission through their practical service and their prayer.

The Pauline Family now numbers more than 10,000 members of and is present throughout the world in more than 60 countries.


The society of St Paul is a congregation of priests and brothers who work exclusively in the mass media apostleate. Founded in Italy in 1914 by Blessed James Alberione, we have been in Australia for over 50 years. Our founder was inspired by the words of Christ, ‘come to me all’ (Mt 11:11), and he recognized that the powerful means of communication (press, radio, television and film) must be used to bring the message of Christs love to all people.

We are an apostolic community. Our community life supports us as we undertake our mass media apostolate. As our community life nourishes and supports us in our missions, the mission in turn brings life and energy into our community living. At the heart of our daily life are two key moments of prayer: the Eucharistic and celebration and an hour of Eucharistic adoration at the end of our days work


The Daughters of St Paul are women called by God to proclaim the message of the gospel to the people of today. We do this through the media, the means of communication that people encounter in their daily lives. Our spirituality and mission have at their centre Jesus Christ and his desire that all people should know God and experience God’s love for them. We are invited to deepen our relationship with Christ daily, through reflection on the Word of God and through the Eucharist, and to grow in every aspect of our being, so that the people whose lives we touch through our ministry will encounter Christ also.

Present in over fifty countries, we are engaged in a rich variety of ministries, all which use the media as a means of proclaiming Jesus Christ to the world. Pauline Books & Media centres and Pauline Electronic Publishing, our online ministry, are expressions of our vibrant and enriching charism.


The essence of the sister disciples’ life is Jesus master, Way, Truth and Life. He has called us to follow him and to proclaim him to the world through our Eucharistic-Priestly-Liturgical apostolate.

Of primary importance for the Sister Disciples is perpetual Eucharistic Adoration; Jesus in the Eucharist is the centre of our life and mission. The service of priestly collaboration is fulfilled in the spirit of the Virgin Mary, Disciple and Mother. Committed to an intense liturgical life, we strive to convey this to those who believe in Christ as well as to those who do not yet know him. Our ministry is also carried out in various other forms.

The sister Disciples of the Divine Master are located in five continents, some twenty-eight countries.


The Pastorelle Sisters are women who have responded to God’s call to follow Jesus Good Shepherd and to share in his pastoral mission. Fr James Alberion’s vision of the value and complementary role of women in pastoral ministry gave birth to our Congregation in Rome on 7th October, 1938. Today we are present in eighteen countries.

We are all called to be signs of the compassion of Jesus whose love reaches all people, in all circumstances of their daily life, and how to be witness to the universal call to love and reconciliation. As religious women, we profess the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience and live in small communities. Catechetics, adult formation in the faith, formation of pastoral workers, family visitation, liturgical animation and forming-leading prayer groups, are some of our expressions of our ministry of pastoral are.

Pauline Family

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Pauline Family at World Youth Day 08, Sydney