"always look to Jesus Good Shepherd"
Speaking to the Pastorelle Sisters at the very beginning of their foundation in 1938, Fr. Alberione said: "Study the life of the Good Shepherd; get to know him, to imitate him. There was a time when I was tempted not to give a Rule to the Pastorelle Sisters but simply to say: ‘always look to Jesus the Good Shepherd and live as he lived.’ This must be a constant thought in your life” (AS70).

We are called to be signs of the compassion of Jesus, companions in the way of faith and search for meaning; sharing in the joys and hopes, the suffering and anxieties of the people we journey with.

We are involved in pastoral ministry in various parishes and two secondary schools in Melbourne and Adelaide, working in cooperation with priests and lay leaders, and along side our Pauline Cooperators.

 Youth work, adult education in the faith, RCIA, family ministry, visiting the sick, catechetical ministry, liturgical animation are some of the ways we express our ministry of pastoral care.

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