Prayer to Mary

Mary, Virgin and Mother, you who, moved by the Holy Spirit, welcomed the word of lifein the depths of your humble faith:as you gave yourself completely to the Eternal One, help us to say our own “yes” to the urgent call, as pressing as ever,to proclaim the good news of Jesus.

Filled with Christ’s presence, you brought joy to John the Baptist, making him exult in the womb of his mother.

Brimming over with joy, you sang of the great things done by God.

Standing at the foot of the crosswith unyielding faith, you received the joyful comfort of the resurrection, and joined the disciples in awaiting the Spirit so that the evangelizing Church might be born.

Obtain for us now a new ardour born of the resurrection, that we may bring to all the Gospel of life which triumphs over death.

Give us a holy courage to seek new paths, that the gift of unfading beauty may reach every man and woman.

Virgin of listening and contemplation, Mother of love, Bride of the eternal wedding feast, pray for the Church, whose pure icon you are, that she may never be closed in on herself or lose her passion for establishing God’s kingdom.

Star of the new evangelization, help us to bear radiant witness to communion, service, ardent and generous faith, justice and love of the poor, that the joy of the Gospel may reach to the ends of the earth, illuminating even the fringes of our world.

Mother of the living Gospel, wellspring of happiness for God’s little ones, pray for us.

Amen. Alleluia!

(Pope Francis EG 288)


"Prayer first of all and above all"
(Bl. James Alberione)
The person of Jesus good Shepherd is the centre
of our life. He is loved and lived by us as the Way, the Truth and the Life, the fullness of revelation and salvation, the reconciler of the whole universe as he was preached and lived by the apostle Paul (Rule of Life7)

Everyday as individuals and as a community, we listen to and contemplate the word of God.

The whole of our prayer life is to be imbued with a strong ecclesial dimension: praying for and with the pastors and the people of God.(Rule of Life)

The Spirit prays in us and cries out ‘Abba’, Father!