The itinerary of formation

We recognise the need for an intense itinerary of formation if we are to become capable of serving God's people. In this gradual and existential process of growth our aim is to develop the various areas of the person - the human, the spiritual, the cultural. We are also duty-bound to attain a specific theological and pastoral preparation that will allow us to collaborate with laity and pastors in a responsible and effective way.

We ususally encourage that young women who are considering joining us that they have finished their tertiary education and preferably had some work experience.

There are two essential stages of formation:

The Initial formationconsists of three phases:

* Postulancy which can vary from one to two years. During this time the candidate explores her suitability for our specific vocation through accompaniment of the vocation personnel and sharing in community life.

* Novitiate is a two-year period during which the focus is specifically on the formation of the candidate at the human, theological and spiritual level. The candidate within the two years is given exposure in the actual pastoral ministry of the Congregation.

Postulancy takes place within one of our houses in Australia while the Novitiate House is in New Manila, Philippines. The first year is done in New Manila while the second year, being an apostolic year in preparation of the First Religious Profession, can be done either in the Philippines or in Australia.

* Temporary Profession which can be up to six years, the sister completes her studies, shares her life within a designated community where she has responsibilities in pastoral ministries and through on-going accompaniment discerns her vocation as a Pastorelle Sister in preparation to her perpetual profession.

The second Stage is on-going formation.

In view of our ministry within the Church as Pastorelle Sisters, there is the need for continuous updating. Beside this factor, at times we are required to specialise in a given ministry or prepare to be part of a community in another country.